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What is "healthy food"?

Healthy foods are foods that contributed to our body health and well being, foods that keep our body functioning well through metabolism. In order to have a healthy body, we need an assortment of nutrients from a wide variety of healthy foods to support our body. A well-balanced diet with reference to the Food Pyramid (Grains, fruits, Vegetables, Milk products and Meats) is very important.

It sounds simple as to just couple the Healthy eating habit with healthy foods and together with Healthy lifestyle to yield a better and healthier life. While variety is the key, the understanding of the uniqueness and benefits of each specific foods and nutrients will help us greatly in preparing for our diet plan. In this site we will delve into the details of each specific healthy foods to explore the health benefits that they offer.

Which healthy foods do we need?

This is another typical question to ask about Healthy food. From nutritional point of view, most foods can be eaten as part of healthy diet as long as they are balanced diet and eaten in the right amounts to satisfy a person's energy needs, that person will also obtain all the nutrients he or she requires.

To understand better which category of healthy foods one need more or less, our site offer a more in depth details of  Health benefits and the nutrients that each food category offer. Even if you don't like the scientific knowledge of these foods but you probably enjoy certain foods and want to stay healthy or become healthier.

Healthy Eating for better health.

Healthy Eating or healthy diet is not difficult to follow, it is all about getting the food information you need and making informed choices about your diet. Healthy diet is about keeping your body weight in a desirable range and provide the right combination of nutrients:

  • Balance of Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates.
  • Enough vitamin and minerals.
  • Plenty of water.

In general a healthy diet is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables which contains the right types of fats and low in added sugar. Variety is very important, as different foods provide different nutrients. Ones does not have to give up their favorite foods to eat a healthy diet, it is the overall pattern of diet that determine the healthfulness of diet.

We hope with the information provided in our website, it will help you to understand better about what natural foods are there to offer. We encourage you to recognize and try to enjoy the natural and nutritional rich foods around us namely the vegetables, fruits, Nuts, seeds, grains & etc.

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